# Bliss OS Compatibility List

Welcome to Bliss OS Compatibility List , this page is a documentation of hardware that are tested by BlissLabs & the community on Bliss OS starting from Bliss OS 14.10/15.8/16. In this page you can find the lists of hardware such as :

  • Wifi/Bluetooth/Ethernet cards (PCI or USB)
  • Graphics cards
  • Audio (Audio cards, DACs, MIDI players, etc)
  • Inputs (Touchscreen, Gamepads, etc)

.... and more. It will include the current state of the device when running Bliss OS and also workaround if need. There is also a section for devices instead of hardware-specific if you want a summary of a desktop/laptop and a section for virtual machine or software rendering.

# Submit your hardware

If you want to submit your hardware, check out Submission Guide