# Bluetooth

This section contains all the Bluetooth cards that are tested, including both PCI or USB one.

# PCI Cards

These are tested Bluetooth PCI cards, usually it's wifi card but integrated with bluetooth.

Name Working Max Bluetooth version Tested Hardware Notes
Intel Wireless 8265 / 8275 - Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 3rd Gen (20LD) - Although it connected using PCI, the Bluetooth part is using USB interface instead.
Qualcomm QCA9377 - Dell Inspiron 3593 (0GTW73)

# USB Cards

These are tested Bluetooth USB cards, here we will list the usb device name first then the actual card name.

Devices Card Name Working Max Bluetooth version Notes
Orico BTA-403 Cambridge Silicon Radio Bluetooth Dongle - When connect to a device like a speaker, after reboot you can't be able to connect it again unless you forget the speaker

Explanation :
: Tested device is working fine
⚠️ : Tested device is working, but there are some limitation or require additional workaround
🚫 : Tested device is not working
: Device is untested

Max Bluetooth version is the maximum version that the OS support, not the card limitation