# GPUs

Supporting graphics cards is a piority in Bliss OS, as getting hardware acceleration is very important to the Android experience

For Gralloc and HWC, the default Gralloc we are using is gbm_gralloc, and HWC is drmfb-composer. Here are sources of them and others that we are using :

gbm_gralloc : https://github.com/BlissRoms-x86/gbm_gralloc
(this include gbm/gbm_nohack/gbm_noscanout)
drmfb-composer : https://github.com/BlissRoms-x86/drmfb-composer
minigbm : https://github.com/supremegamers/minigbm
(this include minigbm/minigbm_gbm_mesa/minigbm_arcvm)
drm_hwcomposer : https://github.com/supremegamers/drm_hwcomposer